Activities & Surroundings

Sörbyn Lodge offers activities in an almost unlimited area, which stretches from the coast up to Dundret Mountain, 200 km farther up the river. Here you can find free waters, endless forests, vast wetlands and treeless mountains.

Natural activities

Together with our partners and guides, you can choose between a broad spectrum of close-to-nature activities and adventures such as fishing, hunting, dog-sledging, snowmobiling, Lapland encounters, white-water rafting, climbing and much, much more. The product flora of activities is always growing and developing due to customer demands and wishes.

The Nature in the Råne River Valley

The countryside in the Råne River Valley is special. It is the kingdom of the big-growth forest, with untouched waters and vast wetlands. There is a vital and robust fauna, represented among other species by elk, reindeer, otters, beavers, bear and lynx. There is an abundance of bird species that includes above all woodpeckers, grouse and predator birds like eagles, owls and buzzards.

The return of the Whooper Swan in late winter signals the advent of spring and the assembly of black-throated divers on Lake Vitträsket lets us know when autumn is approaching. The special setting, its flora and fauna, are protected through a number of Natura 2000 areas and nature reserves.

The vital nerve of the woodlands

For centuries, the exploitation of the iron ore around Gällivare and its logistic route through the river valley was one of the most important sources of livelihood. Initially, the ore was transported by reindeer and sami sleigh between Gällivare and the blast furnaces on the coast. A social historical trail, above all for winter tourists, has been created along this historic route – The Ore Road. 

A rich flora including an abundance of orchid species, mosses and lichens, the hilly landscape and the vital fauna population together form a memorable setting. Indeed, the unique habitats together with the flora and fauna led in 1986 to the river being given protection under the Management of Natural Resources Act of 1986.