Lodging, meals & Bar

A variety of accommodation options gives you as a guest a choice of levels of service, and price levels. We offer hotel and cabin accommodation.


Our hotel annex, built in 2010, is directly adjacent to the restaurant and reception. We offer eight twin/double rooms, each with a TV and a bathroom. They are furnished Scandinavian style according to different themes, reflecting our climate and setting.


Our cabins were recently renovated and are excellent for families, and as twin/double rooms for couples or friends travelling together. They all contain a kitchenette and bathroom.

Restaurant Kallkällan

The culinary side of Sörbyn is our restaurant Kallkällan (The Spring) and it is run with the aim of constantly developing our local cuisine. Mostly, we work with organic produce from the immediate area, which we complement with delicacies from other parts of the world. This is how we achieve an array of flavors based on traditional Swedish dishes with global finesse. This is where you will get a taste of Swedish Lapland.

Our spring water comes from the underground sources of Lake Vitträsket, and no chemical purification is needed. We serve it straight or if wished slightly sparkling.

Our bar holds a wide range of wine, beer and spirits. The wines are carefully selected to match our menus, and of course there are alternatives just for social drinks in the evening, when it is time so sum up the days experiences. Our beer ranges from classic Czech lagers to locally produced beers. There are aperitifs and drinks like single malt whisky, cognacs and different liquors.