Fishing the Råne River valley

Råne River is the largest forest river in Sweden with its 210 kilometers and it flows through four municipalities. The source of the river is Råne Marsh, at the base of mount Dundret in Gällivare. The river has several tributaries and Rörån/Livas River, which flows into Överstby Marsh is the largest. The character of the River Valley can be divided into two distinct types of landscapes; woodland and farmland.

The River Valley has since time immemorial been used by humans for their livelihood, as the traces in the landscape show. The River Valley is still used for reindeer herding, forestry, bear picking as well as for recreational fishing and hunting. Råne River has been used for log floating and traces as well as some remnants can still be seen at various places along the riverbank.

The area of Råne River valley consists of the Main River and a large area of tributaries branching out into the forests and wetlands. The lower part of the river is broken by several large calm waters in various sizes, where we find pike, perch and walleye deceiving for preys. In the rapids you find some grayling, and during the early season the salmon is running the river. The valley is 210 km long from the spring lake to the coast and have less than 2000 habitants. The villages is small and some of them have social and commercial service.

Local fishing area of Sörbyn

This village is a 2000 year old agricultural village situated in the junction of Råne River and the tributary of Abramså creek. Nearest pump for gas (automatic credit card pump) and store for food is in Gunnarsbyn, 5 minutes’ drive away, and the town of Boden with full service is 30 minutes’ drive away.

Lake Vitträsket

Sörbyn Lodge is right on the shore of Lake Vitträsket. The lake is fed from an underground springs which makes the water crystal clear – actually it is also where the village fetch their drinking water. The lake has a nice stock of arctic char that is strengthened by yearly outputs of small chars. The most common fishing is with fly from belly boats, May - early June, or trolling/spinning from small boats during june - september. The lake have a very nice stock of perch too, that is best fished with lures like spinners and jigs all through the summer.

Lakes of Råne River Valley

Just 300 meters away from Sörbyn Lodge you find Degerselet, the largest lake or calm water of Råne River, which is 15 kilometres long and various between 1 and 3 kilometres in width. Within 15 minute drive you’ll reach all of the calm waters that hold various kinds of fish stocks - Pike, perch, walleye, burbot, roach, ide, bream and many more. Fishing is either done from the shore in connection to the rapids and runs or by boat. Fishing by boat is either done on your own or with guide.

Lots of small lakes and creeks

There are also many small lakes in the area reached by car or by foot that holds pike and perch. If you like, you will always find your own fishing lake for the day. In all the tributaries and creeks there are pike, perch and in some specific areas grayling and trout. If you’re lucky you will meet beavers and otters along the rivers and creeks.